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Infrastructure Systems

The most fundamental process for data transmission in data centers is designing a smart physical infrastructure where the active devices do not compromise on performance and do operate with highest quality continuously. In data centers, the most distinguished and essential condition is “continuity”, in other words “uptime”. If the continuity of data communication, thus a physical infrastructure providing continuity, is not provided correctly, data centers would not be serving the required purpose. While designing the physical infrastructure, structured cabling should be designed considering the possible future needs and optimal solution should be chosen such as underfloor, overhead, etc.

Fotech produces excellent solutions for data centers combining its experience in data centers and physical infrastructure. Knowing that different projects have different requirements, it strives to make detailed analysis of project needs in the beginning of every new project.

Services Fotech offers in this area:

– Structured Cabling Systems

– Backbone and Mirroring Cablings

– Copper and Fiber Optic Cable Channels

– Raised Floor & Seismic Protection

– Cable and Pipe Transit Insulation

– Earthing

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