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IPTV & Digital Signage Systems

IPTV systems are used in order to transmit TV, video, voice, text, graphics, data through IP-based networks with desired security, interactivity, reliability and service quality. Information is shared through IP as voice, video and control signals with target group and cost effective, reliable and effective communication opportunity is provided. Digital Signage is a multimedia display system via IP. This system is deployed by a lot of companies due to enabling to reach to the end customer very easily and cost effectively. This system helps the companies to customize the message they give to their customers and thus stay ahead of the game.

Playing a significant role in presenting the corporate identity and message, this solution is one of which Fotech stands out. Offering services like identifying the customer requirement, designing, installing and commissioning the system and providing post-sale technical support, Fotech has carried out a lot of successful projects in this field.

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