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Structured Cabling Systems

Structured Cabling Systems incorporate all cabling infrastructure and active / passive devices that enable the transmission of telecommunication and control signals. They are very critical due to forming the basis in network integration solutions. Cabling infrastructure’s design and implementation should be suitable for use without changing for years, and should be fast and trouble-free.

Infrastructures built with bad engineering may cause speed and connection problems afterwards. On the contrary, infrastructures built with good, forward-looking and scalable engineering allow the whole communication system to be operated through a single point without any major problem for years. To this end, high quality copper and fiber cables that address current/future needs and the correct implementation of these cables are of great importance. Getting its name from fiber optic, Fotech is one step ahead with its workforce for fiber and copper cabling and services it provides.

With the advantage stemming from the test and measurement knowledge Fotech possesses, it can certify the cabling system it installs against certain standards. Due to being the distributor of test and measurement devices to be used in these certification processes, it reflects the advantages of its expertise from testing to training. Fotech has been leading the field in structured cabling, backed by its experience since 1989 with its excellent project design solutions in cabling infrastructure and active / passive devices addressing various needs. Structured cabling solution of Fotech is very important and fundamental among its end-to-end network integration solutions.

Services Fotech offers in this area:

– Copper Cabling Solutions

– Fiber Cabling Solutions

– GPON Solutions

– Turnkey design, equipment supply, installation, test and commissioning services

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