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Our experts who are trained and certified by our business partners are capable of performing real calibration services on devices in our Fotech Technology Center. They can apply real calibration operation which can restore factory settings beside the verification operations.

Our calibration center works in line with the repair / maintenance center and is certified with the highest level certification of our business partners. Fotech is an “EXFO Platinum Certified Service Center” of its business partner Exfo, which is a limited availability in the world. At the same time, it also serves as Sumitomo Europe Limited regional distributor for fusion splicers of its business partner Sumitomo. With these authorizations, Fotech is capable of giving real calibration services for these two business partners.

In our center, we possess special calibration equipment produced by our business partners. The calibration traceability of the devices are provided through the main calibration centers of our business partners. The calibration of related modules of our equipment are calibrated by those centers of our business partners every year and the continuity of traceability is thus provided.

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