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Consulting, Project Management & Supervision

Correct management and resource usage are critical in projects, in terms of costs and time. To gain more efficient outcome, the project or any step of the project should be conducted by experienced, knowledgeable and professional people. Fotech serves consulting services to companies from various industries for their ICT infrastructure, with its employees who possess deep knowledge in engineering and business management. Planning the potential future needs, Fotech cares about serving the optimal solution within customer’s budget. For this purpose, it analyzes the as-is system and processes of the customer and in line with the customer requirements, it serves services in which it prepares the business planning and undertakes the management, with the purpose of reaching the to-be structure.

Fotech’s consulting, project management and supervision services include defining, designing and implementation consulting of the network solutions of ICT systems and IP-based ULV systems under the PMI-certified employees (Preparation, implementation and management of content design, design development, bid documents and contracts, resource and business planning, cost controlling services).

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