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Especially for the companies having wide network, Fotech recognizes the importance of the need for reliable and healthy network and systems and timing technologies to fulfil this need. Driven by this recognition, Fotech installs precise timing technologies over PTP and NTP protocols in companies. Fotech undertakes the distributorship of devices providing this technology and project planning (design, installation and commissioning), repair and maintenance of its solutions. Fotech is partner with world leaders in this field.

Fotech - TEKRON

Tekron is a global leader in providing high precision GPS and atomic clock time keeping technologies and solutions that enable synchronization of advanced networks and services. These solutions are used to provide critical timekeeping in national power grids, as well as other civilian and military networks. Tekron offers premium 10 Year Warranty on most of it’s products.

Fotech is the provider of Tekron’s products and solutions in Turkey and the region.

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Tallysman is a developer, provider, and manufacturer of global positioning components and intelligent location based wireless infrastructure solutions for tracking systems.

Based in Ottawa Canada, Tallysman is focused on high function, high performance technology and solutions. Our core competencies include digital wireless networks, RF and Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) component design.

Fotech provides the solutions of Tallysman in Turkey and the region.

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