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Test and Measurement

Test and measurement is crucial in terms of tracking the performance of fiber optic or copper components and systems. Once the connectors, splices, LED/laser or other light sources, detectors, receivers, etc. are developed, their performances can be proved using the test devices and their interoperability can be observed. In order to test the service quality of the projects it conducts or offer service for its customers who require regular testing and reporting of their services, Fotech undertakes the distributorship, project planning, training, repair/maintenance/calibration services for these test devices. Fotech is partner with global leaders in test and measurement.

Fotech’s distribution portfolio includes the following devices: Optical Test Devices, Copper Access/Multimedia Test Devices, Wireless Network Test Devices, Transport and Datacom Test Devices, Wavelength Test Devices, Copper and Fiber Certifiers & Verifiers, Fusion Splicers, etc. Fotech also provides device rental services.

EXFO - Fotech

EXFO is a leading provider of next-generation test and service assurance solutions for wireless and wireline network operators and network solution vendors in the global telecom industry. The company offers innovative solutions for the development, installation, management and maintenance of converged, IP fixed and mobile networks. EXFO has a staff of approximately 1500 people in 25 countries, supporting more than 2000 telecom customers worldwide.
Fotech is the provider of Exfo’s various optical test and measurement devices and solutions in Turkey and the region: Power Meter, OTDR (Optical Time-Domain Reflectometer), OLTS (Optical Loss Test Set), CD & PMD (Chromatic & Polarization Dispersion) Test Devices, OSA (Optical Spectrum Analyzer), Fiber Verifiers and Certifiers, Ethernet Test Devices, DSn/PDH and Legacy SONET/SDH Test Devices, Fiber Channel Test Devices, IPTV Test Devices, etc.

Fotech is an “EXFO Platinum Certified Service Center”.

Fotech not only distributes Exfo test devices but also conducts projects with Exfo test and measurement devices and solutions. It also offers repair, maintenance and calibration services with its work force trained and certified by Exfo. Fotech provides these services with its wide spare part inventory and hand tools & equipment specified by Exfo.

Fotech - JGR optics

Established in 2002, JGR has steadily grown to meet the test and measurement demands of the communications market. We have built solid relationships with our customers and are the trusted suppliers of equipment and calibration services to key industry players worldwide. JGR’s headquarter and fiber optic production facility is located in Ottawa, Ontario. Some of JGR’s products include Polarization Dependent Loss Meter, Tunable Laser Source for testing of CWDM and PON components and new modular platforms supporting the Cable Assembly Test System modules. JGR’s product portfolio also comprises Optical Attenuators, Benchtop and Rackmount Switches and Inspection tools.

Fotech is the provider of JGR Optics’ product and solutions in Turkey and the region.

Fotech - Photon Kinetics

Photon Kinetics offers high performance measurement technologies for the manufacturers of optical network monitoring and transmission systems. For manufacturers of fiber optic components and sub-assemblies such as laser diodes and optical amplifiers, Photon Kinetics supplies the industry standard in cleaving technology.

Fotech is the provider of Photon Kinetics’ products and solutions in Turkey and the region.

Fotech - General Photonics

General Photonics designs and manufactures products that measure and manage parameters of light including phase and polarization as well as the effects of PDL and PMD. Its customers build high speed networks, invent new medical instruments and conduct optical research. General Photonics’ products are built on a robust platform of patents and peer reviewed publications on optical effects.

Fotech is the provider of General Photonics’ products and solutions in Turkey and the region.

Fotech - Electro Rent Europe

Electro Rent Corporation offers its customers alternative ways to meet their test and measurement equipment needs. It has almost 50 years of experience in advising customers on their best acquisition approach, including rent, purchase and leasing options and combinations. With a global network of offices, associates, and partners, Electro Rent has people close to its customers for award-winning local support and rapid delivery. Fotech provides services as Electro Rent’s representative for its local support in Turkey and offers rental services for its test and measurement devices.

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