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Fiber Optic

Fiber optical networking solutions are replacing copper solutions today, due to being able to transfer data faster. Although the fiber requires more training and more costly equipment, yet the speed and efficiency it provides pay off the costs. Building fiber networks helps to transfer more data in higher quality and to longer distances, as well as to provide security and to be more robust against electrical interventions in comparison to the copper cables. Fotech undertakes the distributorship of fiber optical products and accessories by being partner with the world’s leading companies.

Sumitomo Electric - Fotech

Sumitomo Electric is leader in developing highest level quality fusion splicers and accessories. All Sumitomo fusion splicers are compliant with ROHS and they provide precision, robustness, uninterrupted performance and optimal strength. In addition, Sumitomo possesses industry’s most competitive warranty and extended warranty programs.

Fotech offers Sumitomo’s fusion splicers in Turkey and the region and also the repair and maintenance services with its trained and certified work force. Fotech provides these services with its wide spare part inventory and hand tools & equipment specified by Sumitomo.

Fotech serves as Sumitomo Europe Limited regional distributor for Sumitomo fusion splicers.

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