What is CCTV?

What is CCTV?
What is CCTV?
14 January 2019

Fotech also offers CCTV Security, Control Rooms and Video Wall solutions under one of the main solution groups, Low Current Systems solutions.

CCTV is a TV system which is used for surveillance and security, in which video signals are not transmitted to the public in a public way. The CCTV system is based on the principle of positioning the cameras strategically and monitoring the camera content from monitors. Cameras and their associated recording control and content analysis equipment are used in critical locations to be secured for various purposes. The purpose of closed video systems is to detect and respond to unwanted situations immediately by monitoring the events or automatically detecting them by the system. After the event, it is used to follow the records and to be informed about the events and to obtain evidence.

Fotech, which has important references with many big projects in the field of CCTV, has important references in this field especially in the public sector abroad and especially in hotels and airports in the country. In our overseas references, IP communication infrastructure (LAN, Data, Wireless, PABX, IP CCTV, IP TV, IP Telephony) has been established within the scope of CCTV solutions to meet the simultaneous data and video needs of approximately 1000+ users per project. In some airport projects, Fotech has installed the fiber optic infrastructure of SCADA, BMS, PAS, GOS, FAS, CCTV, ACS systems.

Fotech provides end-to-end solutions to meet the security needs of the project by providing CCTV in turnkey network infrastructure installation works.

In addition, within the scope of turnkey data center projects, Fotech also applies CCTV security solutions. One of the solutions recently applied for physical security in data centers is the cage system; It is one of the safety-enhancing measures for each cabinet to have a security mechanism with password or finger reader at each of the duplex doors. These safety mechanisms can be installed as per cabin or as a lower level only per room. In cases where more stringent security is required, multilayered physical security systems can be installed: secure perimeter, biometric / card transitions and video surveillance systems. Visitor access can be viewed and controlled both in the data center and in the data center. Comprehensive CCTV video camera monitoring systems, as well as security breach alarms and physical barriers, can be applied in high-security data centers.

Access Control Systems in our Low Current Systems solutions are also an important part of integrated electronic security systems. In many sectors, this system, which is required by many institutions, enables high security in electronic environment and reporting of transitions. In today's modern buildings and facilities, it is used to control, monitor and register the entrances and exits and even to score. It provides high level security by using card, password, biometric elements which are much safer instead of carrying keys while providing safety of human and valuable goods. By integrating with other systems such as CCTV in modern buildings, more advanced and integrated benefits, reliability and efficiency can be achieved.

As can be seen from all these examples, Fotech is aware of the importance of building security and offers many different services including CCTV as a part of end-to-end system integration solutions. Integration of Card / Biometric Transition Systems and Management, Control, Reporting and Recording Systems Software with CCTV is one of these important services.

Today, CCTV recordings are the most commonly used forensic evidence, while CCTV camera placement and the choice of camera suitable for the environment is important to ensure that the records are available and evidence-based.

Apart from the recording function, CCTV system can be integrated with today's technologies and transformed into intelligent systems. A smart CCTV solution can give many features to organizations' security systems such as the ability to detect and track people and objects, and to analyze motion. Thanks to Fotech's consultancy and experience, the efficient combination of such features enables systems that are capable of performing very complex analysis, which operators cannot recognize, detect beyond human ability, and significantly increase safety.

Fire or smoke detection systems, tunnel analysis systems, plate recognition systems, speed violation and red light violation systems, virtual fence and environmental protection systems etc. systems are the main systems that use these analyzes.

In addition, all kinds of video wall solutions, monitoring room design, which will be needed to monitor the live images provided by CCTV system instantly, to provide crisis / event management and to monitor the images in the most effective way, can be designed and realized by Fotech.


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