Why Use Fiber Optic Technologies?

Why Use Fiber Optic Technologies?
Why Use Fiber Optic Technologies?
08 March 2019

Fotech (fiber optic technologies), whose name comes from fiber optic technologies, is a company that has directed its vision on fiber optic communication since 1994.

Fotech uses fiber optic technologies in its projects as a system integrator and also distributes and manufactures fiber optic products and accessories and also provides after-sales services such as repair, maintenance and calibration to its customers.

As an expert on the subject, we have prepared an article where you can learn about fiber optic technologies.

What are Fiber Optic Technologies?

Fiber optic network solutions are replacing copper due to enabling high-speed data transfer. Although fiber requires more costly equipment and training, the speed and productivity advantages it brings are worth it. Building a fiber network helps to deliver more data in higher quality and to longer distances, while providing better security and being more resistant to electrical interference than copper cables.

Which Areas Are They Used In?

Fotech has different references in many major customers for fiber optic technologies. The institutions where our references are spread from telecom operators, big chain hotels, to domestic and international airports, transportation systems such as Marmaray or Eurasia Tunnel. Especially the use of fiber in the data center area is inevitable. We provided end-to-end solutions for fiber optic technologies in data centers delivered from scratch in the data centers of Mersin and Bilkent City Hospitals, which are among our references. Let's take a closer look at these solutions.

Among the main solutions applied in fiber optic technologies in data centers there are fiber optic backbone, structural fiber optic cabling systems, fiber optic cable channels, fiber optic termination, fiber optic mirroring, fiber optic splicing services, FTTD (Fiber to the Desk) applications.

The use of fiber outside the data center is quite extensive. Service Assurance solution, for example, is mostly being preferred by telecom operators who want to monitor fiber network infrastructures, evaluate their operability and enable more efficient operations. Fiber Network Monitoring and Management, Carrier Wi-Fi Monitoring and Management, VoLTE QoE (Quality of Experience) Solutions, Network and Service Topology are amongst the customized solutions we offer to such customers.

For example, Fiber Network Monitoring and Management is a solution for routing routine maintenance tests of fiber connections in a very easy way or for automated execution. In this solution, OTDR devices can be used as portable, as well as rack-mounted near optical switch and control devices. In this way, the user can perform troubleshooting operations for fiber networks at any time. This can be done either as a live traffic flowing through the fiber network or as it does not flow or can be applied regardless of whether the fibers are permanently or temporarily connected.

With this solution, which is very critical especially for the sectors using the wide fiber network such as telecom, the companies can manage their networks and their customers and make a difference against their competitors. It is enough to have OTDRs installed at a location and are shared with the technical team and other systems. Thanks to the OTDRs with web access, this solution can be implemented at any location and with any computer connected to a VPN. In this way, preventive tests can be defined and applied for easy determination of the recurring problems on the fiber network. This smart solution enables to pinpoint the root cause of a problem in a very short time and reduce the repair time, as well as to obtain regular and high-quality error reports. 

How to Group Fiber Optic Testers?

Fotech distributes and offers repair, maintenance, calibration and device renting services for its Test and Measurement solution group, namely, Fiber Optic and Copper Cable Testers / Certifiers, Wireless Network Test Equipment, Transport and Datacom Test Equipment, Virtual Network Test Solutions and Fusion Splicers.

Test and Measurement is vital for performance monitoring of fiber optic or copper components and systems. As connectors, splitters, LED/laser or different light sources, detectors, receivers etc. are developed, their performance can be certified with the test equipment their inter-operability can be observed.

In order to test the quality of service in the projects it carries out, as well as to provide services to the organizations that want to test and report their services regularly, Fotech undertakes the distributorship, project management, training, repair / maintenance / calibration services of test and measurement devices. It is business partner of world leaders in this field. Within the devices Fotech distributes, there are Fiber Optic Test Equipment, Copper and Fiber Certifiers and Verifiers, Fusion Splicers, Power Meters, Optical Time-Domain Reflectometer (OTDR), OLTS (Optical Loss Test Set), CD & PMD Testers (Chromatic & Polarization Dispersion), OSA (Optical Spectrum Analyzer), Ethernet Testers, DSn / PDH and Legacy SONET / SDH Testers, Fiber Channel Testers, IPTV Testers, FIP (Fiber Inspection Probe), LAN Testers, etc. Fotech also provides Device Rental Services.

Fiber Optic and Copper Testers can be used to measure the performance of cables that provide data, audio and video transmission. At the same time, it is also possible to provide pass / fail reporting of cables to which performance measurement is performed, or documentation indicating the suitability for use with certifers and verifiers. Fotech also distributes fiber optic accessorries such as Transceiver, SFP / GBIC in Turkey and the region.

What is a Fusion Splicer?

The operation of the fusion splicers is the process of connecting the two optical fibers to the ends by welding. What is important during this process is to ensure that the two fibers are properly connected, so that the scattering or reflection of the light passing through the fibers is avoided. This way, it is aimed that the fusion splice and its surrounding is as strong as the original fiber. Fotech, provides its globally leading business partner's fusion splicers, and also offers its repair, maintenance and calibration services.


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