Fotech becomes "Fluke Networks" Distributor

Fotech becomes

Fotech becomes "Fluke Networks" Distributor

21 May 2021

About Fotech

Fotech is a pioneering Turkish system integrator and distributor since 1989, providing end-to-end services in information and communication technologies, telecommunication infrastructure and ultra-low voltage systems. 

Fotech's main fields of activity include Network Systems and Integration, Data Center, Ultra-Low Voltage Systems, Synchronization, Service Assurance, Test and Measurement solutions and products. While fulfilling system integration services in these fields, Fotech also provides products of its leading global partners in ICT technology, in Turkey and the region. By doing this, Fotech aims at offering a holistic and seamless service to its customers.

With the same purpose, Fotech also offers professional Consulting, SLA (Service Level Agreements), Repair/Maintenance, Real Calibration, Training, Craft Production and Outsourcing services.

About Fluke Networks

29 years ago, Fluke Corporation instituted a new program for innovation, built around carefully selected groups called Phoenix Teams. Each was given 100 days and $100,000 to do something remarkably simple: watch how customers work, analyze the problems they face and turn those insights into new businesses.

After spending days with harried networking technicians, the original team had an epiphany: there was no easy way to determine whether network problems were related to hardware, software or cabling. So they created a new way.

Today we help simplify troubleshooting of complex networks with products that provide deep visibility and uncover previously unseen problems.


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