Deviser | E7000B Cable and Antenna Analyzer

Product Name Deviser E7000B Cable and Antenna Analyzer
Product Code E7000B
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The E7000B Cable and Antenna Analyzers Series offers an integrated solution for the installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of RF cable and cellular communication systems in a lightweight, hand-held device.

Frequency Range: 2.2 MHz - 4.4 GHz
Resolution: 0.5 kHz

Measurement Speed
Reflection <0.9 mS / dot
DTF <1.15 mS / dot
Data Points 130, 259, 517, 1033, 2065

Measurement Accuracy
Linearity ≥ 42 dB (typical, after OSL calibration)
Output power O dBm (Nominal)

Return Loss 0 to 60 dB (Resolution 0.01dB)
VSWR 1: 1 to 65: 1 (Resolution 0.01)
Cable Loss 0 to 30 dB (Resolution 0.01dB)
DTF distance 1500 meters

Data storage-
Internal 1 GB,> 2000 saved measurement files
Limited by USB external flash drive capacity.

Li-Ion Type, 11.1V, 5.2AH
Working> 4.5 hours, continuous; 8.0 hours, idle

RF Input: N Type, female, 50Ω
RF output damage level: + 30dBm, ± 50 VDC.
USB host: 2.0 Type A
USB client: 5 pin mini B (connect to computer for data transfer)
LAN: 10M / 100M RJ 45 LAN

  • Hand-held, lightweight and robust design that can withstand harsh environments and lighting conditions
  • Intuitive menu structure provides ease of use and fast measurements
  • Pre-installed wireless network and cable profiles.
  • Performs comprehensive signal analysis to monitor full site profile and signal environment
  • By making two measurements simultaneously, it reduces the test time with 2 measurement screens.
  • Pass / Fail information at the end of the test.
  • Analyze measurements with measurement management software.
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