Deviser | E8000A RF Spectrum Analyzer

Product Name Deviser E8000A RF Spectrum Analyzer
Product Code E8000A
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The E8000 Series of Spectrum Analyzers provide all of the necessary measurement functions and performance to accurately characterize the signal environment in addition to clearing, detecting, identifying and locating signal interference in a lightweight, handheld instrument.

Frequency Range: 9 kHz – 3.0 GHz
Resolution: 1 Hz
Frequency Span: 1 kHz to 6 GHz in 1-2-5 sequence (automode), and 0 Hz (zero span)
Resolution Bandwidth (RBW): 10 Hz to 3 MHz in 1-3 sequence (auto or manually selectable)
Video Bandwidth (VBW): 10 Hz to 3 MHz in 1-3 sequence (auto or manually selectable)
Dynamic Range: >95 dB
Measurement Range: DANL to maximum safe input level
Maximum Safe Input: +30dBm (peak power, input attenuation > 15dB), 50VDC
Amplitude Accuracy: ≤ ± 1.0 dB
Attenuator Range: 0 dB to 55 dB in 5 dB steps

Data Storage
Internal 1 GB, > 2000 saved measurement files
External Limited by size of USB flash drive

Type Li-Ion, 11.1V, 5.2AH
Operation > 4.5 hours, continuous; 8.0 hrs, idle

RF In: Type N, female, 50Ω
RF In Damage: +30dBm, ± 50 VDC.
USB host: Type A, 1-Port (connect flash drive for data transfer)
USB client: 5-pin mini-B (connect to PC for data transfer)
LAN: 10M/100M LAN

  • Handheld, lightweight, rugged design that withstands harsh environments and lighting conditions
  • Intuitive menu structure enables ease of use and quick measurements
  • Quickly identifies, locates and maps signal interference
  • Performs comprehensive signal analysis for complete site profile and monitoring of signal environment
  • Occupied Bandwidth, Channel Power and ACPR
  • Dual spectrum and spectrogram measurements
  • Verify RF transmission
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