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Product Name Deviser EM9 Broadband Electromagnetic Field Meter
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Deviser EM9 Broadband Electromagnetic Field Meter is a portable hand held test instrument for measuring electric and magnetic fields (depending on the connected antenna) and field strengths emitted by various types of radio transmitters, including cellular base stations and radar systems.


● Environmental protection
● 4G base station electromagnetic radiation safety detection
● Measuring and monitoring field strengths around broadcasting and radar equipment
● Measuring field strengths to comply with general safety regulations
● Measuring field strengths of cell phone transmitters to demonstrate compliance with human safety standard limit values
● Measuring and monitoring field strength of aeronautical, airport, marine and railway systems

Frequency range: DC ~ 40GHz
Electric field Measurement range: 0.001V/m ~ 99.99kV/m
Magnetic field Measurement range: 0.001μT ~ 99.00mT
Display: 6.53 inches capacitive touchscreen
Resolution: 2400*1080 px.
GNSS: Built in GPS/Beidou and electronics compass
Interface: USB3.0, fiber optics(optional), type-C
Measurement range: ≥ 50 meters
Demodulations: 5G/4G Base Station Demodulations
Measurement: Electric and magnetic field strengths measurement with isotropic probes
Wireless communication: Bluetooth and WiFi
Navigation: Support third-party navigation apps
Operation temperature: -10℃~40℃
Operation time: ≥15 hours / Li-ion battery 4.2v/8000mAH
Power supply: AC90~240V (AC Adapter)
Weight: < 1kg (mainframe + probe)
Dimensions: (LxWxH) 500mm x 100mm x 55mm

• Monitoring efficiency increased to 200% compared to traditional methods
• Quick test for antenna distance and antenna height
• Built in GPS and elect ronics compass
• Site condition easy record with built-in HD camera
• Record working routine and geographic information
• Access base station ID with built-in 5G SIM card
• Auto-generate of drive test data
• User defined test template
• Optional BT and fiber optics
• Operation time ≥ 15 hours

EM9 Mainframe: Standard
Portable Carry Case: Standard
Power Adapter: Standard
Type-C Cable: Standard
Laser Rangefinder. Standard

Tripod: Optional

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