EXFO FIP-435B | Wireless Fiber Control Probe

Product Name EXFO FIP-435B Wireless Fiber Inspection Probe
Product Code FIP-435B
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This intelligent and automated test tool converts fiber inspection into a faster and simplified single-step process, providing accurate and consistent test results and preventing reporting of faulty-positive results. Combining the flexibility and portability of Android and iOS smart devices with unparalleled ease of use and WiFi connectivity, EXFO eliminates the latest barriers to connector certification and performs simple tests.

  • Five-megapixel CMOS Camera sensor
  • 0.55 µm Resolution
  • Three level Digital magnification
  • WiFi 802.11g - 2.4 GHz
  • 2.5 m Distance range
  • 0.3 kg Weight
  • Unshielded, one-handed operation, easy connection with your smartphone
  • Pass / fail analysis in accordance with industry standards (IEC, IPC)
  • Compatibility with all Android TM and iOS devices
  • Quick reporting with auto focus and analysis
  • Free ConnectorMax2 Mobile app for iOS or Android
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