EXFO FTB-5235 Optical Spectrum Analyzer (OSA)

Product Name EXFO FTB-5235 Optical Spectrum Analyzer
Product Code FTB-5235
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The new, portable OSA is designed to measure channel power and wavelength, characterize remote PHY enhancements, and analyze DWDM networks.

  • Wavelength range 1250 nm - 1650 nm
  • Compact, entry-level optical spectrum analyzer (OSA) for all types of WDM expansion
  • OSNR test IEC 61280-2-9 compliant
  • CFP power measurement
  • Handheld OSA with the largest screen in the industry
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Ideal for Fiber Optic Cable operators
  • Innovative user interface
  • Highly reliable device manufactured by the # 1 OSA provider worldwide
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