EXFO FTB-5700 CD-PMD Distribution Analyzer

Product Name EXFO FTB-5700 Dispersion Analyzer
Product Code FTB-5700
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A laser Light Pulse does not consist of a single frequency, it consists of several laser frequencies.

Since these different frequencies will reach the end of the fiber line at different times due to their different speeds, they cause dispersion. When the sign reaches the end of the fiber line, it spreads over time.

Chromatic distribution (CD) causes pulse expansion and can increase Bit Error Rate, which can have a very negative impact on transmission performance.

Polarization mode distribution (PMD) is a form of modal distribution where two different light polarizations in a waveguide normally travel at the same speed while moving at different speeds due to random defects and asymmetries and causing random propagation of optical pulses.

The EXFO FTB-5700 CD-PMD Distribution Analyzer is specially built for today's high-speed network structure, combining technicians into a single test solution that allows them to characterize multiple connections from a single location. Its highly intelligent interface and functions enable automatic optimization of test parameters, regardless of connection.

Innovative, single-end testing technology reduces both test time and operating costs (OPEX).

  • 1475 to 1626 nm Measured wavelength range,
  • 25 dB Dynamic range (32 dB with reflector),
  • PMD display range up to 50 ps,
  • PMD range (strong mode coupling) 0.1 to 20 ps
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