EXFO | FTBx-88400NGE - 400G Multi-Service Test Module

Product Name EXFO FTBx-88400NGE - Multi-Service Test Module
Product Code FTBx-88400NGE
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The most compact multi-service 400G test solution on the market for field applications.

FTBx-88400NGE Power Blazer module. It offers full and seamless 400G test capabilities that can move smoothly from the lab to the field. In addition, when portability is required, the FTBx-88400NGE can be installed on the FTB-4 Pro platform as the most compact 400G solution on the market.

The FTBx-88400NGE provides advanced 400G Ethernet test features, including advanced error correction, monitoring and verification.

Flex Ethernet is an important data center technology that helps data centers provide faster connections for emerging 400G solutions.

Integrated SFP28 / 56, 4 x QSFP28 and CFP8 interfaces to facilitate 25G, 50G and 400G Ethernet testing.

Enhanced optical transceiver support

  • 400G Ethernet test capability (IEEE 802.3bs standards)
  • 400G Ethernet MAC PCS / PMA / PMD layer test.
  • FlexE (Flex Ethernet) testing capability with low-to-high speed Ethernet clients.
  • SFP56 PAM-4 interface with 50G Ethernet test support.
  • FEC KP4 RS (544, 514) decoding and error correction
  • Creating and monitoring alarms / errors
  • FEC test
  • BER monitoring
  • Support SFP28, SFP56, QSFP28 and CFP8
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