EXFO | iOLM Intelligent Optical Link Mapper

Product Name EXFO iOLM - Intelligent Optical Link Mapper
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It is a smart software that understands which type of optical link is tested without any training, combines all OTDR test results, compares them from all angles, analyzes them and makes the Pass / Fail decision.

iOLM is an innovative OTDR-based application that uses multiple acquisitions and advanced algorithms to provide information about every element (splitter, connector, fiber attachment, etc.) in the connection.

  • Point-to-point access
  • FTTx last mile
  • LAN/WAN, enterprise and data center certification
  • Fronthaul (FTTA, DAS) and backhaul
  • Passive optical LAN (POL)
  • Metro core and long haul
  • Cable certification (IL/ORL measurement)
  • Multifiber MPO cable characterization
  • Self-setting unit dynamically adapting to any fi ber link
  • Intelligent multi-acquisitions at multiple wavelengths in a single icon-based link view
  • Comprehensive fault diagnosis and guidance
  • Consolidated bidirectional link view
  • OTDR trace fi le generation
  • TIA/IEC automated pass/fail thresholds for enterprise/datacenters
  • Test two fi bers at once with loopback testing mode
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