EXFO LFD-250B Live Fiber Detector

Product Name EXFO LFD-250B Live Fiber Detector
Product Code LFD-250B
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In Live (Active) Fiber Optic Lines, it indicates with which direction the traffic comes from, shows the value of the power on the fiber optic line on the screen.

Since it can measure on live line, it eliminates the need to pass the line or test on any end-connector, thus saving time and labor.

EXFO's LFD-250B Live Fiber Detector does not cause physical damage to the fiber or loss of data traffic by twisting with a step-controlled motor.

Apparatus are available for different fiber cable diameters.

  • 3mm, 1,6mm, 900µm Fiber Type
  • 25 to -35 dBm Power Range
  • <6 s Test Time
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