EXFO LFD-300B / TG-300B FiberFinder

Product Name EXFO LFD-300b/TG-300b FiberFinder
Product Code TK-FF
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To test in fiber optic networks, the line must be passive under normal conditions. However, with this test kit, power measurements and verification tests can be performed on the active line.

Together with the TG-300B Tone Generator, the innovative LFD-300B FiberFinder ™ Live Fiber Locator is a test kit that allows technical personnel to find the right cable without having to disconnect the fiber optic cable and leave the job unlikely.

  • 3mm, 1,6mm, 900µm Fiber Type
  • 25 to -35 dBm Power Range
  • <6 s Test Time
  • 1x FiberFinder kit
  • 1x Soft carrying bag
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