EXFO MAX-945 Fiber Certification Device

Product Name EXFO MAX-945 Fiber Certifier
Product Code MAX-945P-iCERT-Q1-QUAD
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The MAX-945 fiber certification device guides technicians in reference and verification of fiber optic cables according to telecom standards.

With the FasTesT ™ feature, results appear on the screen of both devices in less than 5 seconds.
The MAX-940/945 Fiber Certification Device is the perfect aid to test lead reference errors and negative losses thanks to the step-by-step wizard application that guides technicians through the process of referencing and verification according to industry standards.

The MAX-940/945 Fiber Certification Device guides you through further analysis and to solve problems by diagnosing possible causes of failed test results.

Three-year reliable calibration period
The MAX-940/945 Fiber Certification Device has been rigorously tested to guarantee the highest standards of reliability and durability. This is what guarantees us and offers a 3-year recommended calibration interval.

You can safely use this highly reliable device to get accurate test results, significantly reducing the cost of owning your Certificate. (Recommended calibration cost every 3 years)

Fiber certification with multi-standard support
The MAX-940/945 Fiber Certification Device allows you to simultaneously certify both wiring and application standards. Therefore, you can document these values ​​in standards such as TIA-568, IEEE or Fiber Channel when measuring the physical quality of the components of the fiber, such as inserts and connectors.

Tablet-inspired design
With the most user-friendly display (7-inch, high-resolution touch screen) in the industry, the MAX-940/945 Fiber Certification Device offers an unprecedented user experience. It provides easy connection with integrated Wi-Fi / Bluetooth. The MAX-940/945 Fiber Certification Device guarantees full-time field work with 12 hours of battery operation and internal memory capacity for more than 200,000 test files.

Internal encircled-flux compatibility
The MaxTester 940/945 Fiber Certification Device comes with a built-in Encircled-Flux (EF) compatible multimode light source. In addition, in order to maximize measurement accuracy and avoid invalid results, EXFO has designed reference class test leads in accordance with the ISO / IEC 14763-3 standard requirements.

Optical plug and play options
MaxTester 940/945 has plug and play optical options that can be purchased during or after your order. Either way, it's easy to set up on your own, without the need for any software updates.

  • 850, 1300, 1310, 1550 nm Wavelengths
  • LED(Multimode), Laser(Singlemode) Source Type
  • 20km at Multimode, 160km at Singlemode Length Measurement Range
  • 50 dB ORL (Optical Return Loss) Measuring Range
  • IL (Loss of Entry) Measurement
  • SM and MM Fiber Cable length measurement
  • Quick report on the device
  • Multiple standard support

Power Meter Specifications:

  • InGaAs Detector Type
  • 5 to -75 dBm Measurement Range
  • 800 to 1650 nm Wavelengths Range
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