Fluke Networks FiberLert™ Live Fiber Detector

Product Name Fluke Networks FiberLert™ Live Fiber Detector
Product Code FIBERLERT-125
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Practical, Compact Fiber Troubleshooter

The FiberLert™ Live Fiber Detector allows you to quickly check fiber activity, polarity in active cables, and connectivity. This pocket-sized tool checks single-mode, multi-mode UPC and APC patch cords and ports.

  • Detects optical power at singlemode and multimode fiber wavelengths (850 - 1625 nm)
  • No installation or interpretation required. Light and sound indicate the presence of an optical signal
  • The "non-contact" detector reduces the risk of contamination and damage. Ports and patch cords are suitable for SM, MM, UPC and APC connections
  • LightBeat™ lights up to indicate operating and battery status; turns off after five minutes to conserve battery (2xAAA included)
  • Two years warranty
  • Can be used with one hand in tight spaces
  • Quickly identifies polarity problems
  • Works on all fiber types (multimode/singlemode)
  • Does not damage the end face of the fiber connector/port
  • Increases safety by letting you know if current is flowing through the fiber you're working on
  • Allows anyone to run basic tests on fiber
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