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Product Name Fluke Networks | Versiv DSX2-8000 INT | Certification Device
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Fluke Networks Versiv DSX2-8000 INT Certification instrument

It is a Certification, Management and Reporting solution for your Cabling Installation Projects.

The Versiv ™ family speeds up every step of the certification process. With its flexible design, it supports copper certification, fiber loss, OTDR testing and other possible hardware additions. The innovative and unique ProjX ™ management system and Taptive ™ user interface ensure that work is done right the first time. Create professional test reports by analyzing test results using LinkWare management software.

In a recent survey of 219 Fluke Networks Versiv™ family users, it was found that the costs of certification processes on an average of 500,000 installed lines were reduced by 65%.

With the Fluke Networks Versiv DSX2-8000 INT Certification Device, you can certify and test copper cables in any cabling system of Cat 5e, 6, 6A, 8 or FA Class and I / II up to 40 Gigabit Ethernet speeds. Cable certification process is an important part of the projects that start with the design of the system and end with the acceptance of the system. The most important points in order for the established system to provide lossless and uninterrupted service for many years; An accurate projecting that meets international standards is the cabling that will ensure lossless and high accuracy transmission of data.

The DSX2-8000 INT Certification Device, which guides the users during the referencing and verification process according to industry standards for the certification process required after wiring, produces certificates with zero margin of error.

Its full integration with the LinkWare Live cloud service allows the Project Manager to remotely set up testers, monitor job progress, and even locate the tester from any smart device.

You'll save on operational costs every time you use the Versiv DSX2-8000 INT Certification Device.

Scope of application

Various industrial protocols to which PLC, DCS, SCADA, Industrial Ethernet Switches (IES), Human-machine interfaces (HMI), various motor frequency drivers (VFD), Industrial Ethernet copper and fiber cables are applied; ProfiNET, EtherNet / IP, Modbus-TCP, EtherCAT, and CC-Link.

Contractors providing design, analysis, and consultancy services on critical LAN networks

Network Cabling Contractors and Companies providing Installation Services

Data Center Acceptance Tests

Whether the cabling service is carried out in accordance with the standards or not, in all networks that need to be controlled

  • Supported Cable Types: TIA Cat 3, 4, 5, 5e, 6, 6A, 8: 100 Ω ISO / IEC Class C, D, E, EA, F, FA and I / II: 100 Ω and 120 Ω
  • Standard Connection Interface: Shielded RJ45
  • Test Standards: ANSI / TIA-1152-A Level 2G and IEC 61935-1 Ed. Up to 2000MHz frequency. 5 Level VI, Power over Ethernet (PoE) –IEEE 802.3bt, ANSI/TIA/EIA-568, ISO/IEC 11801,TCL and ELTCTL , IEC 61935-1-1 (Draft)
  • Maximum Frequency: 2000 MHz
  • Automatic Test Mode: DSX-8000: Cat 5e or 6 / Class D: 7 sec. Cat 6A / Class EA: 8 sec. Cat 8: 16 sec.
  • Supported Test Parameters: Cable Mapping, Length, Propagation Delay, Lag Delay, DC Loop Resistance, End-to-End Resistance Imbalance, Interference Loss (Attenuation), Return Loss (RL), CMRL, NEXT, FEXT, ACR-N, ACR-F , Total Power ACR-F, Total Power NEXT, Total Power NEXT, Total Power ACR-N, Total Power Alien NEXT (PS ANEXT), Total Power Alien Attenuation NEXT Ratio end end (PS AACR-F), CDNEXT, TCL, ELTCTL
  • Input protection: Protected against continuous telecom voltages and 100 mA overcurrent. Occasional ISDN overvoltages will not cause damage
  • Display: 5.7 inch LCD screen
  • Case: Protected against impacts
  • Battery life: 8 hours
  • Wi-Fi: IEEE 802.11 a / b / g / n; dual band (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz)
  • Versiv's ProjX ™ management system makes installation easy and seamless.
  • Quick Test DSX-8000: 3 times faster OptiFiber® Pro OTDR: 7 times faster CertiFiber® Pro: 4 times faster
  • Reduces user errors
  • Fast Reporting and direct control with LinkWare management software
  • Quick Troubleshooting with fast detection of crosstalk and distance to fault via graphic display
  • Easy programming and use thanks to the Taptive user interface
  • Advanced TCL Tests
  • Built-in Alien Crosstalk testing feature
  • Error-free labeling with Epson, Brother, DYMO and Brady
  • With the built-in Wi-Fi feature, you can quickly transfer results to LinkWareTM Live.
  • MPTL Certification (Modular Plug Terminated Link)
  • Supports cabling for EtherNet/IP™, PROFINET, ModBus TCP™ and other protocols. Supports M12 and ix Industrial® Connectors.
  • It has been approved by more than 30 cable manufacturers.
  • DSX2-8000 2GHZ DSX-8000 Certification Device, Wi-Fi
  • DSX2-8000MI 2GHZ DSX-8000 Certification Device, MM OLTS, Fiber Microscope and Wi-Fi
  • DSX2-8000QI 2GHZ DSX-8000 Certification Device, QUAD OLTS, Fiber Microscope and Wi-Fi
  • DSX2-8000QOI 2GHZ DSX-8000 Certification Device, QUAD OLTS, QUAD OTDR, Fiber Microscope and Wi-Fi
  • DSX2-8000-PRO Versiv Professional Kit DSX-8000 Certification Device, QUAD OLTS, QUAD OTDR, Fiber Microscope, Wi-Fi and all product accessories
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