IBC™ Connector and Adapter Cleaner MPO

Product Name IBC™ Connector and Adapter Cleaner MPO
Product Code 7104
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US Conec's fiber optic cleaning products offer low-cost high-performance products with features such as robust micro-woven fabric and robust construction, allowing both the simple and economical cleaning of connector and adapter end areas.

  • Tip cleaning of 525+ and more
  • Thanks to its anti-static system, it minimizes dust adhesion after surface cleaning.
  • It provides access to the cables behind the panel as well as provides cleaning in hand-held cable assemblies.
  • Non-wearing yarn design.
  • Simple one-step push action to clean

Scope of application

  • Data Centers
  • Cable assembly plants
  • Field Installations: Cleaning the cable harnesses
  • Field Installations: Cleaning inside and behind the panel and connectors
  • IEC-61300-3-35; Compliance with IEC-TSB-XYZ Standards
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