Lift & Drive Data Center

Product Name Lift & Drive Data Center
Product Code DC 15 U52
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Lift&Drive is a server and battery unit transport equipment in the Data Center with its ergonomic design, telescopic lift and sliding platform.

Our aim is to save workload during the transportation and installation of heavy and sensitive IT equipment in the data center, while providing the highest level of efficiency, personnel and equipment safety.

Lift&Drive, which can be described as the ant of its class, distinguishes itself from its competitors as it is a light and easy-to-use equipment compared to the load it carries.

Technical specifications vary according to the product model. You can download the detailed table from the documentation page.

  • It provides operational efficiency with its modular structure, alternative carrying capacity and the ability to create models at access heights.
  • It provides uninterrupted and perfect leveling with its "screw drive" technology.
  • Steel – Aluminum construction allows it to be strong and light, with a weight/load ratio less than 1.
  • The handle can be adjusted to suit every user.
  • Rechargeable battery powered lift provides fast, safe and easy access to the shelf at the desired height.
  • Detachable control elevator control allows the operator to control position from all directions.
  • With 4 swivel wheels, it provides easy maneuvering in narrow white space corridors.
  • The 3-stage central brake system used with the foot supports easy and safe use. Stage 1 locks the wheels, Stage 2 locks the swivel wheels, allowing straight forward only, Stage 3 releases the wheels.
  • Optional audio and visual warning systems can be added to the U52 models.
  • Steel – Aluminum construction makes it strong and light, with a weight-to-load ratio less than 1.
  • Minimum access height 95mm.
  • It has CE 42/2006 and UL certificates.
  • An optional sliding platform can be added to the Lift&Drive DC15 models, which are shipped with a fixed platform as standard.

Lift&Drive DC15 U42 (with sliding platform)
Lift&Drive DC15 U52 (with sliding platform)
Lift&Drive DC15 U42 (with fixed platform)
Lift&Drive DC15 U52 (with fixed platform)
Lift&Drive DC09 U42 (with fixed platform)
Lift&Drive DC09 U52 (with fixed platform)

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