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Building materials, low GNSS signal strength, or other restrictions can sometimes interfere with indoor small cell synchronization using GNSS PTP grandmaster timing systems. It is the integrated integrated grandmaster IGM 1100o of Microchip that solves this problem. Like the indoor version, this compact IGM grandmaster provides precise and stable time information indoors to serve small cells in the interior. However, the IGM 1100o is reinforced to work in a wider temperature range, so it can also be installed in the attic of a building instead of an interior wall or ceiling.

Outdoor Integrated IGM Grand Master can be used safely in environments where outdoor temperature restrictions and resistance to environmental conditions are essential requirements, such as outdoor cabinets and small structures.

  • Small form factor with single 1 GbE RJ45 port
  • Supported PTP profiles: ITU-T G.8265.1 (L3 single Unicast), ITU-T G.8275.1 (L2 Multicast), ITU-T G8275.2 (L3 Unicast), Telecom 2008 and default Ethernet
  • One-step and two-step server
  • Synchronous Ethernet (SyncE) input, output
  • Feature that provides GPS backup by accepting PTP input.
  • Steadily increasing the increased PTP client to a maximum of 60
  • Primary Reference Time Clock (PRTC) compatible
  • 1588 traffic and IPv6 support for OAM / Management
  • 802.1Q VLANs
  • Integrated GNSS receiver
  • GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, Galileo, QZZ and SBAS
  • Setting according to GPS cable length
  • Reduced installation costs and simplified wiring
  • Plug and play features reduce deployment time and cost
  • Provides precise time with reinforced temperature support that challenges harsh environments.
  • Best-in-class synchronization solution for phase requirements on the edge of mobile networks
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