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The new SyncServer S650 SAASM Time and Frequency Instrument provides unprecedented synchronization flexibility and performance using Microchip FlexPort ™ technology. The GPS-referenced S650 is designed for modern electronic systems and networks that can be easily adapted to a wide range of applications, requiring best-in-class synchronization performance.


The modular Microchip S650 SAASM combines the best time and frequency instrumentation with unmatched flexibility and powerful network / security-based features. The timing signal flexibility level is strong and it can even eliminate the need for additional signal distribution case as signals are not distorted in the sensitive quality GPS Instrument compatible output.

  • <20ns RMS - UTC (USNO) via GPS
  • GPS SAASM GB-GRAM MPE-S Type II PPS L1 / L2 Receiver
  • <1x10-12 Frequency Accuracy
  • Modular timing architecture with unique and innovative FlexPortTM technology
  • The most popular timing signal inputs / outputs are standard in the basic Timing Input / Output (Timing I / O) module (IRIG B, 10 MHz, 1 PPS, etc.)
  • Additional timecode I / O including IRIG A / B / C37 / E / G / NASA / 2137 / XR3 / HaveQuick / PTTI
  • T1 / E1 Telecom In / Out (I / O) available
  • Four GbE ports standard, all patented NTP hardware time information, two additional 10 GbE ports optional
  • NTP imaging, graphics and MRU record keeping
  • Quick start using DAGR / PLGR
  • Web-based management with a high security password pack
  • Operating temperature -20 ° C to 65 ° C, shock and vibration qualified
  • IPv6 / IPv4 on all ports
  • Rubidium Atomic Clock or OCXO oscillator upgrade option
  • Dual power supply option
  • Superior 10 MHz low phase noise options
  • PTP multi-port / profile grandmaster output option
  • PTP Login option
  • 1PPS / External Event Measurement option
  • Time-of-Day Triggered Programmable Pulse option
  • Timing I / O modules with fiber optic output and input (Timing I / O)
  • Unmatched flexibility.
  • Timing and Design Reliability
  • Ultra high performance NTP server
  • IEEE 1588 PTP Grandmaster
  • Low Phase Noise
  • Multiple GNSS Support for Enhanced Reliability
  • Secure Network
  • DISA / DoDIN Approved Product
  • Standard Management Access Security
  • Intuitive, Safe and Easy-to-Use Web Interface
  • FlexPortTM timing technology eliminates the waste of old-style fixed-signal modules / BNCs by adding innovative "any signal, any connector" technology that is efficient and cost-effective.
  • Reliable and robust design with long product life and wide application area
  • Scope of application ; Defense Industry and Satellite Communication
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