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Product Name Microchip TimePictra Management System
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The new generation synchronization management system provides control and display of the entire synchronization network.

As timing and synchronization become important in critical infrastructure networks, the central management of this vital function has become essential for network operations. Microchip ® TimePictra® is a modular web-based synchronization management system that scales and evolves with operational requirements.

Key Benefits

  • Cost effective management and imaging solution
  • Intuitive Web GUI for easy management
  • Options that support future network extensions.
  • End-to-end PTP management
  • PTP client performance monitoring

Microchip Product Support
TimePictra supports these Microchip timing and synchronization products:

  • TimeProvider 4100 SSU 2000
  • TimeProvider 5000 and TPE10 and TPE30
  • TimeProvider 2700/1100/1000
  • TimeSource 3050/3550
  • TimeHub 5500
  • TimeCesium/5071A (Fault, Status, and Tube History)
  • SyncServer S600/S650 (alarms and status only)
  • TimeSource ePRTC

Management Protocol

  • SNMP, v2c, v3, HTTP, HTTPS, TCP/IP

Management Capacity

  • Up to maximum of 6,000 network elements
  • Up to maximum of 100,000 PTP client elements

Operating System

  • Redhat or Oracle Linux version 7.0
  • Server or client version 64-bit
  • Web-based multi-tier software architecture
  • Comprehensive FCAPS management functions
  • Network SLA monitoring and reporting
  • Fully integrated with BlueSky for a protected and secure network
  • Highly secure and hardened software
  • Geographical topology and domain navigation
  • User preference dashboard customization
  • High Availability option for high-value networks
  • Multi-vendor PTP client management (up to 100,000 PTP clients)
  • Multiple northbound interfaces available
  • Operates on standalone servers or as a virtualized instance
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