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TimeProvider® 4100 1.0 is a new gateway server, Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), Synchronous Ethernet (SyncE), 1588 PTP and E1 / T1 digital transmission connections that can distribute multiple inputs to multiple endpoints such as base stations. introduced as a synchronization product concept.


TimeProvider 4100 is the best 1588 Grandmaster provider in its class, complete with comprehensive port deployment for PTP, Network Time Protocol (NTP), SyncE and available scheduling resources (BITS). With multiple ports that can be connected to multiple base stations in current and future networks 4G and 5G enhancements, the device offers customers a low-cost solution that can be easily adapted to different usage situations.


* Carrier Grade Systems means both highly tested and well-tested and redundant networks or infrastructure. There are five main features for the carrier class: High availability / serviceability; Service Quality / Experience Quality; Performance and Efficiency; scalability; and security.

  • IEEE 1588v2 PTP grandmaster
  • SyncE
  • Highest capacity NTP Reflector and NTP Daemon (NTPd), NTP MD5 authentication
  • GNSS, GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo, QZSS and SBAS support
  • Primary Reference Time Clock (PRTC) Class A and Class B
  • Oscillator options: mini OCXO, OCXO and Rubidium (Rb)
  • All ports including IPv6 / IPv4 Management (OAM)
  • Standard base unit with 8 Ethernet ports, 4 E1 / T1 ports, 1 redundant port, 2 × 1PPS / ToD port, 2 × 1PPS / 10 MHz port
  • Optional internal expansion module with 16 E1 / T1 ports for a total of 20 E1 / T1 outputs per unit
  • Optional internal expansion module with 4 SFP and 4 SFP + ports for 10GE support, 100M Fast Ethernet and 1G distribution
  • Support for multiple IEEE 1588v2 profiles per unit
  • Management and Client (and client or master user) support
  • High performance boundary clock support with Class C and Class D accuracy (new operating mode)
  • High performance: 790 PTP unicast client at 128 PPS and NTPr, 20,000 tps per port (for a total of 180,000 tps per unit) and 500 tps at 3 ports (for a total of 1,500 tps per unit) NTPd
  • Fully supports ITU-T profiles for phase synchronization: G.8275.1 and G.8275.2
  • Fully supports ITU-T profiles for frequency synchronization: G.8265.1, Telecom 2008 and default
  • ITU-T G.8273.4 Advanced automatic asymmetry compatible APTS based on multiple network variations
  • Imaging and measurement capabilities
  • TimePictra® synchronization management system support
  • New features added at launch 2.1
  • Multiple modes of operation
  • Flexible Architecture
  • Reliability
  • Stability
  • Flexible precision timing solution
  • The best grandmaster device in its class
  • Virtual PRTC (vPRTC)
  • Multiple GNSS support
  • Sync management and viewing
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