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TimeSource Advanced PRTC (ePRTC) is designed to meet the G.8272.1 standard proposed by ITU-T for advanced Primary Reference Time Servers; It offers a unique solution that also helps protect against GNSS vulnerabilities in Telecom and Mobile networks.

With these features, Microchip TimeSource Advanced PRTC is the server used as a reliable time source in networks that cannot be installed in antennas.

  • GNSS provides autonomous server service for running time, phase and frequency even when it is not available.
  • It meets the requirements defined by ITU G.8272.1.
  • It can work with 1 or 2 external cesium clock inputs.
  • Redundant power inputs.
  • It is compatible with both ETSI and ANSI form factors.
  • Secure SSH / SSL communications.
  • End-to-end network management using Microsemi's TimePictra synchronization management system.
  • Reduces GNSS Vulnerability Threat
  • ITU-T complies with the new G.8272.1 standard it proposed
  • Products with 5071A Cesium Frequency Standard.
  • Network Distribution and Management

Scope of application ;

  • 5G / Mobile Infrastructure
  • Government agencies
  • Defense industry
  • Power Applications
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