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Product Name ProfiShark 1G - Multifunction Gigabit Network Analysis
Product Code C1AP-1G
Warranty Period 24 Month
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ProfiShark 1G is designed to give field engineers quick access to the network packages path. It is a portable network analysis tool that provides error-safe access to networks for monitoring and long-term traffic collection.

ProfiShark 1G, easy to use and pocket-sized, ProfiShark 1G manages to capture full-duplex 1G traffic without sacrificing performance.

By connecting ProfiShark 1G to a computer with Windows, Linux or macOS operating system via USB, you can provide a complete network analysis solution.

ProfiShark 1G manages information and statistics through ProfiShark Manager by capturing packages of all sizes and types with a wide range of capture and configuration options.

  • 10/100 / 1G monitoring over USB 3.0
  • Non-intrusive error-security monitoring
  • Hardware consolidation
  • SPAN and domestic-line modes
  • 8 ns hardware time track
  • Real-time statistics
  • Low-level error and bandwidth monitoring
  • Capture directly to disc
  • Invisible on the network
  • PoE pass
  • Full-duplex GbE (2 Gbit / s) capture, time tracking and aggregation
  • Compatible with all software package analyzers
  • Full duplex 1G (2 Gbit / s) cable speed capture
  • Ringbuffer or normal capture mode
  • Separate different files by time or size
  • Compatible with all Intel-based Synology NAS systems
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