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Product Name ProfiSight - Flow Based Network Traffic Analyzer
Product Code PFS-1S
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ProfiSight provides complete information about the network; All 7 OSI layers are a web-based network traffic analyzer that provides full insight into the network and infrastructure, providing flow-based analysis, APM, reporting and more.

ProfiSight analyzes huge amounts of traffic with fast sequencing, with fast access to network traffic, reducing the time spent on workflow and troubleshooting.

ProfiSight is common and dynamic; It provides visibility and diagnostics on applications such as DNS, NETBIOS, NTP, FTP, SSH.

  • Bandwidth usage and instant traffic monitoring
  • Statistics for each host, IP, L4 and L7 protocols
  • Flow measurement for every traffic
  • TCP indicators (lost packets, retransmission, zero packets, etc.)
  • Application latency measurements per server and location
  • Application specific monitoring panel
  • Simple, Fast and Accurate Number Identification
  • Remote Access and Capture (Profishark)
  • Real-time analysis
  • Customizing the Management and Monitoring Panel
  • Use the power of traffic capture with Profishark.
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