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NGFW (New - Generation Firewall) is used to increase network security in the corporate LAN networks category.

However, advanced security functions can seriously reduce network performance - up to 90% intensity!

Until now, the only way to determine which NGFW features are causing this loss of performance has been to invest in complex test equipment and technical consultants, which are generally more expensive than NGFW itself.

Safire is a simple and cost effective solution for this problem.

Connect the small test unit to your NGFW, log in via the browser, define a traffic profile that fits your network and choose which features you want to measure in NGFW. Start the test and in a few minutes Safire will compile a comprehensive PDF report detailing how each feature affects performance, clearly identifying NGFW's performance loss point and many other data with easy-to-understand graphics.

One reason Safire is so effective is that it includes a predetermined application traffic library and protocols to provide highly realistic traffic mixes. Another important advantage of Safire, which produces graphical reports that are easy to understand, is the easy-to-use web user interface.

Safire is ideal for evaluating different NGFWs before purchasing and then regularly testing NGFW performance and makes your job easier.

This is, for example, in conjunction with NGFW firmware updates; link speed upgrades can be made prior to implementing important infrastructure changes, such as network expansion, topology changes, or the introduction of new enterprise applications.

Click to access the demo software.

Safire is a simple and cost-effective tool for the following applications:

  • Comparison of different corporate firewalls before purchasing.
  • Verify performance before installation.
  • Checking performance after software updates and patches.
  • Verification of performance after major LAN changes.
  • Measuring the impact of new SW applications on performance.

It makes it easy to accurately measure the performance of Next Generation Firewalls (NGFW).
Using realistic network traffic, Safire clearly identifies how features such as Antivirus, application control, IPS, and SSL decryption affect efficiency, identifying bottlenecks and narrow passages that affect performance in easy-to-understand graphics.

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