Sumitomo FC-6R Fiber Cleaver

Product Name Sumitomo FC-6R Fiber Cleaver
Product Code FC-6RS-C
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With the launch of the Sumitomo FC-6R, you can now cut to the highest precision with an automatic rotary or fixed blade for single and serial / multi-fiber cutting.

With the FC-6R precision fiber cutter, the transition between the user's single-fiber bay adapter and the removal or installation of the multi-fiber cochlear adapter has become easy.

A collector box is attached to the side to prevent any damage to the parts from cutting operations.

  • At least 60.000 Fiber Cutting Life with One Blade
  • 1 to 12 core ribbon / ribbon fiber cutting
  • Automatic Blade Rotation
  • Auto parts fiber collector hopper
  • Fast cutting in a short time
  • Suitability for mechanical connectors
  • 420g weight
  • It is used for single fiber or up to 12 fiber.
  • Fiber Cutter blade can cut 60 000 fiber.
  • The number of fiber cut steps is done in minimum steps.
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