Sumitomo | T-400S Active Clad Alignment Fusion Splicer

Product Name Sumitomo T-400S Fusion Splicer
Product Code T-400S
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Sumitomo's new T-400S Active Sleeve Aligned Fiber Splicer provides reliable fiber optic cable termination, a high-resolution display, fiber cable end control, and estimated loss value after splicing.

The hand-held fiber optic splice device features advanced optics technology, high precision motors, and the technology that minimizes the technical skill required in all other finishing operations, using the latest embedded software to fully automate the insertion of the optical connector

  • 6 seconds additional time and 24 seconds firing time
  • Durable design
  • Low attachment loss
  • Quick and Easy program orientation and Analysis
  • Advantage of Fast Installation and Hand Operation in Small Workplaces
  • Attachment compliance on Lynx2 connector
  • FTTx applications in one device
  • Carry out your mission as fast as possible
  • All the FTTx fiber splices in the one machine
  • Simple operation by brand-new user interface
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