Sumitomo | T-71M12 Ribbon Fiber Splice Device

Product Name Sumitomo T-71M12 Fusion Splicer
Product Code T-71M12
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It is a fiber optic splice device that can add up to 12 ribbon fibers at one time, has a dual-firing firing and automatic placement adjustment system.

  • Add very fast 14 sec. (12 core- fiber ribbon) and 55 sec. With independent dual heater. fast firing time (US patent 7,412,146)
  • Touch screen for user convenience and full control
  • Help videos in the device
  • Shock, water and dust resistant
  • Update over the Internet
  • Fully navigational touchscreen and intuitive GUI for user friendliness
  • Built in help videos play on the splicer display
  • Shock, water and dust resistance for use in harsh environments
  • Software updates and remote diagnosis via Internet
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