Trend Networks LanTEK III Copper and Fiber Cable Certification

Product Name Trend Networks LanTEK III Copper and Fiber Certifier
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Test data anytime, anywhere

Using the free IDEAL AnyWARE application, field technicians can share test data with colleagues or customers without leaving the job site; it completes more jobs in less time, resulting in lower costs.


New troubleshooting features that save time and budget

If a cable is found to be faulty, troubleshooting is easier using the Time Domain Return Loss (TDRL) and Time Domain Near End Cross Talk (TDNEXT) measurements.


To detect fiber cabling faults, each FiberTEK III adapter includes a built-in visible light source that helps you visually detect faults and find fiber ports. These additional features help locate hidden connections, attachments, and cable errors, and save time previously spent on troubleshooting.


New permanent connection (PL) adapter saves budget

The new PL adapters can be replaced on site, eliminating the need to replace all adapters. Reduces downtime and reduces maintenance costs with RJ45 contacts. The new PL adapters feature centered connectors to ensure compatibility with all brands of Cat6A / Class EA cabling solutions. PL adapters use a high-performance, ultra-flexible cable that allows it to be used in tight spaces without damaging the PL adapter or tested outputs.


Modular solution to reduce investment costs

For many cable installers, there is pressure to reduce equipment investment costs. LanTEK III and FiberTEK III offer a unique selection and complete testing solution, so you only pay for what you need. This includes a wide variety of test modules, accessories and maintenance plans to meet your specific needs.


Permanent Link Test Modules

To test and certify UTP / STP cables at the workplace output from the patch panel, the RJ45 terminals at the end of the Permanent Link Modules reduce costs as they can be replaced in the field.

  • 1000 MHz cable certification
  • TIA/EIA Cat 6A/ ISO Class EA
  • IDEAL AnyWARE - Test and Reporting Software
  • PL module for test and certify UTP/STP cabling
  • CT module for a wide wide range of Channel testing
  • FOT module for fast and simple Tier 1 certification of high bandwidth single-mode and multimode fiber optic cabling
  • 1 x Ideal Networks LanTEK III
  • 1 x Cat 6 PL (Permanent Link) Adapter
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