Trend Networks PoE Pro Tester

Product Name Trend Networks PoE Pro Tester
Product Code Poe Pro-Kıt
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The PoE Tester is a multifunction tool that identifies the Class of the PoE source, injector type and power avaliable to a PoE device regardless of cable length, cable quality or other factors.

  • No more trial and error Accurately measure the maximum power available
  • Now with professional PDF reports with pass/fail results
  • Now detects links speeds up to 10G
  • Supports PoE up to 90W (PoE++) Test all PoE Classes (0-8) and Types (af/at/bt)
  • Identifies the powered pairs Helps to determine PoE switch or mid-span injector
  • Verify the PoE installation Pass / Fail indication to IEEE standards
  • Extended Power Test Some switches may provide power exceeding their IEEE Class rating. Measure the maximum available power up to 90 watts.
  • PoE Pro Kit
  • PoE Pro Tester
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