Trend Networks VDV II

Product Name Trend Networks VDV II
Product Code R158007
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The new VDV II Series is an easy-to-use cable tester that checks the integrity of copper cables that are common in data or video installations, including domestic, commercial or industrial voice, telephone cabling, data networking, and video / security cabling. Using state-of-the-art technology, VDV II offers functionality that was not previously a cable mapping. Advanced cable mapping engine displays complex cable failures on the fly, while TDR (Time Domain Reflectometry) helps to troubleshoot and improve on-site efficiency.

Performs standard tests for copper cabling, including:

  • Coax, 6 Pin (RJ11/12), 8 Pin (RJ45) Connectors for Copper Cable Testing
  • Wiremap for Miswires, Split Pairs, Shorts, Opens, and Crossover (A/B) Cables
  • Analog Tone Generator
  • Voltage Protection
  • Shielded Cable Testing
  • Single Screen Results
  • 1 x VDV II,
  • 1 x Dual port remote unit,
  • 1 x Coax remote unit,
  • 1 x Battery,
  • 1 x Multi-language user guide
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