VANTAGE | Ethernet Production Line Test Platform

Product Name VANTAGE Ethernet Production Line Test Platform
Product Code VANTAGE
Warranty Period 12 Month
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Vantage is a production line testing solution for network devices using Ethernet traffic such as switches, NICs, routers, GPON devices, cable modems, EOC, power modems and so on.

Vantage consists of the special hardware and software of an experienced test and measurement expert; It is designed to be flexible, scalable and very easy to use.

Vantage helps Network Equipment Manufacturers (NEMs), Tested Devices (DUTs) quickly identify performance issues and verify new features before leaving the factory.

This small investment in pre-production testing and quality assurance section increases customer satisfaction and efficiency.

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  • Pass / Fail Test Results
  • Router Test
  • Two-way interaction Test
  • Merge Test
  • Loopback Test
  • PON Merge Test
  • Smart Loop Test
  • DUT Serial Number Control
  • Test Results Interface
  • Test Reporting
  • User Management
  • Test solution for production line testing of Ethernet devices:
  • Primary DUT: Switches
  • Secondary DUT: NICs, Routers, EPONs / GPONs,
  • Cable Modem, EOC, Power Modem, Transceivers and Automotive
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