Fiber Network Monitoring and Management

Fiber Network Monitoring & Management is a solution used for easily planning or automatically conducting the routine maintenance tests for fiber connections. OTDR devices may be used as rack-mounted together with the optical switches and control devices as well as portable. By this way, users can operate troubleshooting on fiber networks whenever they require. This operation can be done when there is live traffic on the fiber network or not, independent from being permanently or temporarily connected.

Being especially important in industries using wide fiber network such as telecom, this solution can enable companies to manage their customers’ or own network in high level and stand out among their competitors. It’s sufficient to have OTDRs and share them with technical team and other systems. Since the OTDRs have web access, with any computer being connected to VPN, this operation can be performed. This strength enables to easily define and perform preventive tests to identify the recurrent problems occurring on fiber network. With this smart solution, main problems can be identified in a shorter time and repair time can be reduced. Regular and high quality reporting are also obtained.

By implementing this solution to its customers, Fotech enables them to simplify their processes and increase their efficiency and service quality, thus help them stand out among their competitors.

  • Quick Troubleshooting
  • Preventive Test Definition
  • Periodical Error Reporting
  • Work Order Creation
  • Integration with GIS-Based Systems