Performance Monitoring and Management

It is critical that the quality is ensured, in order for companies to provide customer satisfaction and increase their profitability. All IP-based networks’ performances can be monitored and managed. To obtain it, defining right solutions with right business partners are crucial. Network evaluation task should be addressed correctly which stems from increased competition, increased bandwidth and continuous IP being converged on a single base. With these solutions, companies can optimize their network quality and decrease their operational expenses.

Due to Fotech’s performance monitoring and management solutions, companies can reach their goals of reaching the desired service assurance level, obtaining tangible results that measure their performance and optimizing their network operations. They can make QoE (Quality of Experience) analysis, easily perform troubleshooting and change management activities and obtain customized reporting.

  • Real Time Test of Service Quality (Packet Loss, Jitter, Delay)
  • Network Operations Optimization
  • Capacity Planning
  • QoE Analysis and Troubleshooting
  • Change Management
  • SLA Management
  • Customized Reportings