Primary Reference Sources (ePRTC) / Cesium Atomic Clock Source

All clocks in a synchronization network take the primary reference source as reference. It is crucial that an application is compliant with international standards in order to achieve frequency accuracy. Especially in telecom industry, clocks working precisely are required for efficient transmission of digital signals. In these solutions, generally GPS receivers are used beside the cesium clock technology.

If the implementation of primary reference sources, which produce signals accurately all the time, are done wrongly, service assurance would be damaged. To avoid this kind of risks, Fotech offers trouble-free synchronization solutions that use the newest technology backed by its expert work force and global business partners. 

  • Avoiding Threats caused by GNSS Weaknesses
  • New ITU-T G.8272.1 Standard (Cesium Atomic Clock Source does not meet this)
  • Integration with 5071A Cesium Frequency Standard
  • Network Commisioning and Management