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Network Systems

Nowadays it is out of question to have a corporation that doesn’t have a network system. With the ever-changing and developing technologies, customer expectations increase. In such an era, especially for the companies caring about the customer satisfaction, an integrated network system should not only be mandatory but also should be compatible with the latest technology. High-performance and cost-effective systems should be installed in order to have easy access to and effective management of information commonly shared.

Solutions in such a critical area should be prudential and addressing the needs. Fotech has been providing high-performance and integrated network system services backed by its knowledge base and expertise since 1989. Fotech offers network systems to its customers that are scalable and compatible with the latest technology products, following the analysis it makes on the customer requirements and defining the optimal network system solution.

Services Fotech offers in this area:

– Analysis of network requirements

– Network design addressing the analysis findings

– Specification of convenient LAN/WAN products (backbone and edge switches, routers)

– Specification of convenient security products (Firewall)

– Installation and Commissioning Services

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