Benefits of Using KVM Multiviewers

Benefits of Using KVM Multiviewers
Benefits of Using KVM Multiviewers
25 November 2022

If yooou think of control room, you are probably thinking of users displays and video walls all located within a dar room, becouse this is the picture I am getting. Each display in this room has a specific yet important purpose and end-users are looking to get the most out of this setup so each display can switch to a different target quickly and effortlessly, but what if you can put multiple sources on the same display or video wall?

A KVM Multiviewer is typically s 4-port video manipulating processor that includes USB keyboard and mouse control so that a user can use one display to see up to four computers an be able to control them easily. The alternative to a KVM multiviwer is to use seperate monitors for each source and a KVM switch that lets you stich between them, so you only have one keyboard/mouse at the desk. Thi alternative option isn't space-efficient thougt as you still need four displays with their own power outlet and video cables. Using a KVM Multiviewer now brings the power outlet and video cables. Using a KVM Multiviewer now brings the power to view and control all four computers using one keyboard, one mouse and one display with ease.

The typical modes of a KVM Multiviewer Include Full-Screen, Picture-in-Picture(1:3), Quad-Screen, Side-bye-Side, and the more releyant, Free mode which allows the user to adjust each input's size on the screen. The user can configure these systems to different ports, and call different screen layouts. one of the new KVM Multiviewers from Black Box also incorporate the Glide-and-Switch feature, which allows the user to move the mouse in the direction of the different of the source window and the KVM will automatically switch the Keyboard/Mouse control over to that system. This feature allows the user to quickly switch ports by moving the mouse rather than using hotkeys so, it is great for tasks that need to be done quickly without delay.

The additional benefits of the KVM Multiviewer is that it can be integrated with other equipment to give more control. If you can imagine connecting a KVM Matrix that has over 100 targets to a KVM Multiviewer with four inputs, the user can not only see those four targets but they can now switch them around. Black Box offers compatible KVM Matrix systems that can be used with the KVM Multiviewer so that the end-user can get the most out of their application.

Users who incorporate KVM Multiviwers have found that their tasks are more efficient and accesing and visualizing all targets is now a very easy thing to do. If you are thinking about incorporating a KVM Multiviewer into your application, give us a call and we can help answer your questions and help provide design ideas. Black Box offers several different Multiviewers that can fit your needs and we are ready to help.



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