Data Center Solutions

Data Center Solutions
Data Center Solutions
29 January 2019

Fotech has been active in the data center area since 2006. It continues its journey, which started with small projects, by adding strong references and further developing its competencies in every project. At present, Fotech is able to build a turnkey data center from scratch and has strong, local and international business partners.

Fotech has the capability to translate a data center from scratch, from construction to walls, into a completed room with IT equipment. Turnkey works are fire resistant wall / door / suspended ceiling, etc. It is included. It has gathered its solutions in this field in 6 main groups. VM Management and Monitoring (DCIM) Software, Intelligent Cabling, Power Systems, Air Conditioning, Security Systems, Infrastructure Systems and Uptime TIER Certification solutions are offered in this scope.

All of these solutions are critical to the efficient operation of a data center. High-performance, uninterrupted operation of each active device that enables data communication in data centers is very important. In addition, efforts should be made to increase the efficiency by avoiding unnecessary energy and cost loss as much as possible. Fotech works with expert engineers in order to find the right and most efficient solution by analyzing the needs in data center projects. It achieves differentiated results and establishes efficient data center working on the customer by keeping the operational costs of data centers as low as possible.

Ur Power Systems çözüm is another main solution group of Fotech in this field. The institutions aim to achieve operational continuity and energy efficiency in data centers. Power infrastructures; directly affect productivity, availability and scalability. Data centers are directly related to power infrastructure. Electrical outages can lead to major catastrophes, leading to a high performance criterion rit downtime ”. A poorly designed power infrastructure prevents future expansion of data centers. In addition, when the power infrastructure is designed correctly and intelligently, a high level of energy savings can be achieved, efficiency can be increased, cost can be reduced and data centers are made available for expansion. For this important need, the solutions provided by Fotech are to provide redundant / non-redundant power infrastructure, UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) and Power Distribution Systems according to data center standards. Fotech offers innovative, seamless data center operations solutions to corporations, providing innovative solutions with professionals who are experts in building the right power infrastructure and world-leading business partners.

Our other solution group ortam Air Conditioning Systems um is of great importance in creating low humidity environments that maintain a certain temperature level in data centers. Designing the active devices to avoid increasing the ambient temperature can save energy as well as prevent any fire risk. Therefore, the data center air conditioning infrastructure cannot be separated from the power infrastructure. Cooling is an important cost factor in data centers. If a poor cooling system is applied, the energy required to cool the data center may exceed the energy required to operate the active devices. Therefore, the temperature and humidity in the data centers are critical and the air conditioning infrastructure should be designed very well. Fotech, due to failure to perform several data center projects in Turkey and abroad in infrastructure specializes in air conditioning. In order to save energy, it offers solutions considering bulundur free cooling soğutma option. Fotech solutions in this field are distinguished as In-Row Cooling Systems with Precision Controlled Air Conditioning Systems.

Data center security is one of the most critical needs for large to small - sized companies. Therefore id Security Systems çözüm is one of Fotech's main solution groups in this field. Thanks to proper planning and design, it is possible to build a safe, safe and low-cost data center. The security system is a sine qua non of data centers, and both software / physical and disaster security is of paramount importance. One of the solutions recently applied for physical security is the cage system; It is one of the safety-enhancing measures for each cabinet to have a security mechanism with password or finger reader at each of the duplex doors. These safety mechanisms can be installed as per cabin or as a lower level only per room. In cases where more stringent security is required, multilayered physical security systems can be installed: secure perimeter, biometric / card transitions and video surveillance systems. Visitor access can be viewed and controlled both in the data center and in the data center. Comprehensive CCTV video camera monitoring systems, as well as security breach alarms and physical barriers, can be applied in high-security data centers.

For catastrophic safety, primarily mechanisms such as fire and liquid leak detection are critical for emergency response in potential disasters. In data centers, there should be extra resources for services such as electricity, water, voice and data, disaster recovery mechanisms should be established and the roles of responsible persons should be predetermined. Especially in data centers, it is very easy to create and spread fire due to the presence of many heat sensitive electrical active devices and static electricity in the air. Therefore, it is vital that the fire detection system, which cannot be considered separately from the air-conditioning system, is installed with proper engineering. For example, cross-positioning of fire detectors is very important to prevent false alarms. Apart from this, fluid leak detection is also critical for data centers. Liquids are a great risk for data centers because of their ability to spread easily throughout the building. In these environments where there are many electrically operated active devices, the risk of any liquid, in other words the high costs and the possible damages of the users of the data, cannot be ignored. In order to eliminate this danger, correct fluid leak detection detectors and cables are required to be installed in the correct positions with proper engineering. In this way, it is critical to use systems that allow rapid detection of leakage and emergency response through alarm and / or transmission mechanisms.

Fotech offers KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse), Access Control, CCTV, Fire Suppression and Liquid Leak Detection and Alarm solutions for remote server management in the security system area.

Another solution is apı Infrastructure Systems Diğer. The most fundamental process for the continuous high quality operation of each active device that provides data communication in data centers is to design an intelligent physical infrastructure. The most prominent condition in data centers is ”continuity“, in other words, uninterrupted Veri. Data centers cannot serve the required purpose unless the data communication is uninterrupted and therefore no physical infrastructure is provided. When designing physical infrastructure, structural cabling should be designed with the possible interventions in mind and the most suitable solution should be chosen such as under floor and above the cabin. By combining its knowledge and experience in data centers and physical infrastructure, Fotech provides the perfect solution for data center physical infrastructures. With the awareness that each different project has different needs, it is a principle to analyze the needs of the customer well at the beginning of each new data center project. Structural Cabling Systems, Backbone and Mirroring Cabling, Copper and Fiber Optic Cable Trays, Raised Floor and Seismic Protection, Cable and Pipe Crossing Insulation and Grounding are among our solutions in this field.

Fotech also has the capability to certify its completed data center projects with Uptime TIER certificates and positions it as a separate solution group. With this certificate, companies facilitate the international service of data centers and also increase the company values.

With all of these solution groups, Fotech also provides solutions for the 4 main components of the industry-recognized data centers: skeleton creation, IT equipment, electrical infrastructure, mechanical / cooling infrastructure.

Fotech's data center references make a difference in the sector with their scope and size. We are carrying out extensive projects in both white and gray areas. We have a strong place in the sector with our projects especially for Turkish operators.

The data center sector is growing and gaining importance all over the world. Fotech closely follows this trend and offers the most efficient and optimal solution for its clients.

According to future forecasts made by different technology and research companies, the global data center installation market is expected to grow by 4.3% year on year by 2021. At the same time, data center network traffic is expected to triple from 2014 to 2019, and global cloud traffic is expected to reach more than 4 times (considered a subset of data center traffic). The fact that the global data center solution market, which is $ 18.56 Billion USD as of 2015, is $ 32.30 Billion in 2020 (with 11.7% CAGR) gives hints about the size of the sector.


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