Importance of Test and Measurement

Importance of Test and Measurement
Importance of Test and Measurement
07 March 2019

Fotech offers high quality solutions to its customers with its global partners in various fields of testing and measurement. The test and measurement products, which enable maximum cost and time to reach maximum data, help customers' technical teams save time and reduce their operational costs by working much more efficiently.

Fotech's various test and measurement products are collected in 6 main groups. These are listed as follows:

  • Fiber Optic / Copper Testing Equipment
  • Wireless Network Test Equipment
  • Transport and Datakom Test Equipment
  • Virtual Network Testing Solutions
  • Fiber Attachment Devices
  • Device Rental Services

Fiber Optic / Copper Testers can be used to measure the performance of cables that provide data, audio and video transmission. At the same time, pass / fail reporting of the cables with performance measurement can be performed or documentation can be provided indicating the suitability for use with certification and verification devices (Certifier, Verifier).

Wireless Network Testers are solutions that address the tests needed at every stage of a network's life cycle. In this solution, test devices are used which allow mobile operators of mobile operators to work with optimum performance in accordance with specifications. Wireless network testers provide more needed functionality, capacity, interoperability, QoE (quality of experience) and QoS (quality of service) analysis for increasing number of users, as well as analysis (eg VoLTE analysis) and live network troubleshooting. ).

Transport and Datakom Test Devices are used to test DSn / PDH and SONET / SDH, Carrier Ethernet and Multiservice Converged Networks. Thanks to these test devices, companies can simplify and accelerate their daily business processes, and prove that all newly developed high-speed networks are capable of implementing the requested and future services. Some of the products used in this field are: Ethernet Testers, DSn / PDH and Legacy SONET / SDH Testers, Fiber Channel Testers, IPTV Testers, etc.

Fiber Attachment Devices are used in fiber addition processes. Fiber splicing is the process of connecting two optical fibers end to end. What is important during this process is to ensure that the two fibers are properly connected, so that the light passing through the fibers or the reflection is avoided. Thus, the fiber splice and surrounding areas should be as strong as the original fiber.

Fotech also provides device rental services to meet the needs of customers' test and measurement devices with its global partner. It determines the most suitable solution according to the needs of its customers and accordingly helps them to decide on services such as leasing / buying / leasing.

Fotech's partners in the field of Test and Measurement include Exfo, Sumitomo Electric, Ideal Networks and Artiza Networks. In addition, with the cooperation of Electro Rent, we provide leasing services for various customer requirements.


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