Saving on the IT Costs

Saving on the IT Costs
Saving on the IT Costs
14 February 2019

Do you want to save on both IT cost and space?

Use KVM technology for multiple systems with a single keyboard, monitor and mouse.

Get rid of confusion of "Which keyboard / mouse, depending on which server?"

Save energy and air conditioning costs!

Create a more spacious work environment! Increase your productivity!

Save time by working faster!

You can have this smart solution that solves the confusion experienced in the big control rooms, especially in Black Box and Fotech partnership!

A success story about the benefits of KVM technology:

Project: Control and control room for a new police station in Norway

Task: Replace old IT equipment with a new digital platform containing computers with DVI and USB interfaces

Product: Black Box DKM FX Switching and Extension System


The Norwegian Ostfold Police Department, which made a move to a new building, wanted to renew its technology infrastructure completely. The old control and control rooms used old analogue technology, the system devices were large and could not meet modern technology requirements. The KVM structure consisted of small desktop KVM switches that provide only one or two remote controls per user with VGA / PS2 and VGA / USB point-to-point extension.


The police department wanted to replace the old IT equipment with a new digital platform with computers with DVI and USB interfaces. In the control and control rooms, they also needed a system that would switch video very fast for high definition video, video-wall and touch screens. Finally, they had to move away from the simple point-to-point extension. They needed a more modern solution with multiple users.

Black Box engineers and sales technicians visited the office and talked to the IT team and system users to determine their new system requirements. Customer needs; it was pointing to time hot swappability app features to prevent fast switching, redundancy and downtime in emergencies / disasters. As a solution, DKM FX matrix switching system was applied.

One of the advantages of the DKM FX system is its scalability and flexibility. Video and KVM can be configured in many different ways for switching and extension. Simultaneous access and structured cabling (copper and fiber) for multiple users, DKM FX switches are the perfect control room solution. The configuration of the DKM FX solution for the police center is as follows: 2 video-wall (one 4 × 2 and 1 2 × 2) with Media Control System in a room with 5 tables and 7/24 shift multi-user. A larger image was projected on a 2 × 2 area using the segmentation feature in the larger video wall.

The Media Control System provided users with the ability to switch resources and control the video wall from a touch screen. There are different systems at different operators' tables. Some extension systems have been integrated for transfer to video-wall, but some have only been connected to remote CPUs or servers, since not all of them have to be connected to screens.


The customer was very pleased with the fast switching and practical functionality of the control room structure. The DKM FX solution and video walls were configured before being shipped to the customer site, and the users installed it on site, and they learned it from the construction stage. Fully improved facilities, equipment and control room made the Ostfold police department serve the public much better.

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