Timing and Synchronization

Timing and Synchronization
Timing and Synchronization
12 March 2019

In today's digital and connected world, timing and synchronization have become indispensable. The entire data center, stock exchanges, industrial networks and other secure communications are highly critical for wired and wireless communications. For example, wireless networks needs the most accurate timing and synchronization in the communication between cells, in bulk voice, video and mobile data. At the same time, a sensitive time system is vitally important for financial networks that process billion $ a day.

Technologically, it is not easy to have high precision time, so it is very important to find a reliable source. Fotech's collaboration with Microsemi, Tekron and Tallysman, among the global companies specialized in this field, is the right address for its customers. Fotech, which provides suitable solutions for different sectors with its different partners, helps its customers to do synchronous work in accordance with the following precise time standards:

• GPS based timing IEEE 1588

• Precision Time Protocol (PTP)

• Network Time Protocol (NTP)

• Synchronous Ethernet (SyncE)

• Data-over-Cable Service Interface Specifications (DOCSIS)

Time synchronization is also of great importance in the energy sector. For many years, consistent time stamping was required in transformers to have 1 millisecond (1 ms) accuracy for post-event analyzes. With the advent of Smart Grid and renewable energy, there is a need for more accurate time stamping of 1 microsecond (1 otomasyons) for advanced transformer automation applications such as wide field phasor monitoring.

Thanks to Fotech's global synchronization device manufacturer partners, customers can build more reliable networks and systems that support the standards we have listed above, using advanced timing technologies, atomic clocks, services and solutions from these manufacturers.


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